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Importance of persons engaged in Medical Profession

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The modern medical science has done tremendous work, which no one can deny, in studying the functioning of different parts of the body, effects of various matters on the body and mind. It has also strived to find out the causes and effects of various ailments that our body suffers and also formulated the medicines for their cure. The scientists have been working day out and night for the betterment of our lives. It is always better to reach the experts and hospitals in emergency cases like injuries, breathlessness, chest pains, poisoning of any type including drugs, food, bites of poisonous insects and animals, accidents, and the cases which require immediate surgery and intensive care etc. These cases are best managed by qualified doctors and hospitals as they have the required infrastructure and expertise to handle these cases.

Each and everything in this world is controlled by the almighty “GOD”, the entity which is believed and known by the human beings world over by different names, in different religions. In spite of this, whenever we fall ill we first of all turn to the science for the cure, but when the science also seems to fail, we finally turn to the almighty GOD. This means that the science has become more important than the almighty. We give special importance to the doctors and all the persons engaged in the medical systems. These persons have chosen such a career which is really very noble one. They serve the ailing humanity while they earn their livelihood. They really deserve our appreciation.

Modern medicines vs traditional systems of healing

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Our lives have undergone unexpected changes due the research and development in science. The things which we see and use now, were hardly imagined by general people. The life has become so fast and sophisticated that we do not have time to look into the most important issues like our health. Whenever we have some trouble either we neglect the same or just take some medicines and proceed forwards to our work. If the problem is minor we become well and if we are not cured we go for further investigations and medication for the treatment. We are always in a hurry to get the problem removed of our bodies at the earliest. The modern medicine has played a vital role in this field. There may be lot of side effect in the medicines but in order to get quick relief, we overlook the same. One medicine is accompanied by a couple of other medicines to counter its side effects. We all are well aware of the fact that day by day the medicines are becoming costlier and beyond the reach of ordinary people who earn a very little amount for their livelihood.

We can save a lot of our precious time and money which is required for tackling with the diseases, if we spend some time daily to keep our bodies fit with regular physical exercise, balanced diet, positive thinking and natural living etc. These are some of the basic requirements for a healthy life. These keep the diseases away and even if we get ill, we can regain our normal health very fast by various natural techniques. The natural therapies and medicines strengthen the inner curative powers so that, the disease causing elements are thrown out from the body. The modern medicines kill the viruses and bacteria with strong antibiotics and other strong medicines which also have lot of adverse effect on the body of the patients. However, if need arises in case of emergencies, these strong medicines should also be taken to get immediate relief.

Our body is embedded with natural healing capabilities. If there is some problem, the nature gives us the signals in various forms, such as pains, itching, eruptions, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, irregular bowels, irregular blood pressure, fever, indigestion etc. The need in these cases is to diagnose the root cause instead of suppressing them. If we try to suppress these symptoms by strong medication, the problems seem to disappear temporarily but later, they are likely to grow into a serious and more complicated one. Exposure to strong chemicals and radiation etc., start various side effects which later, give birth to various types of diseases. Many people take medication on their own without being prescribed by qualified doctors, which is very harmful practice. The modern medicines popularity owes to its fast action on the diseases which is very important in case of acute problems. In case of chronic problems, the medicines have to be taken for long period of time and as such the natural therapies and the medicines prepared from herbs etc. can be taken as they are effective, cheap and without side effects. The natural therapies make the body stronger by increasing its immunity against diseases.