A Life Full of Health & Happiness!

Hello friends, I am Gajanand Agarwal, aged about 54 years, born and brought up in a business family, in the small Himalayan state of Sikkim, India. My exposure to various religious and social welfare organizations has always made me interested in social welfare. In the year 1984, I came across a book “Health in your hands” by Dr. Devendra Vora, on acupressure and other natural therapies. I tried several techniques mentioned in the book and found them very effective and without any side effect. I had a chance to undergo a practical training camp conducted by Dr. Devendra Vora in 1994.

After having gained practical knowledge about of these therapies I decided to run free treatment camp in Gangtok, Sikkim, every Sunday from October 1994. Lot of people from different walks of life, suffering from various diseases, from common cold to cancer, came to me for help. I got the opportunity to help thousands of persons. I attend seminars, training camps, and programs on TV etc. After having tried these therapies myself and convinced by their efficacy, I advise the same to the patients, when I get positive feedback from them my confidence continues to increase day by day.

Initially, I started with acupressure therapy nearly 25 years back and later developed interest in other natural therapies like yoga, naturopathy, magneto therapy, Reiki and did diploma courses in them. I got basic idea about Homoeopathy in the year 1995, studied many books and tried some medicines and I found these remedies work like miracle, only a few doses are sufficient to bring about relief and cure to the patients. Generally, people have a wrong notion, that Homoeopathy remedies work very slowly and have to be taken for long period, but from my past 15 years of experience, I have noticed that Homoeopathy remedies are one of the fastest acting remedies. On several occasions it works faster than the allopathic medicines. They are very cheap, do not have side effects, they can be taken by patients of any age as they have a mild sweet taste. These remedies are boon for children and the patients who are allergic to allopathic medicines and also for the poor lot of the society who cannot afford the huge cost of the modern drugs.

I got various opportunities to conduct training cum treatment camps in social welfare organizations, army units, schools, and religious centers on several occasions. Several of my articles were published in news papers and magazines. Several times recorded and live phone in programs, on local cable TV network and the All India Radio, Gangtok, were given which were very helpful to the viewers.

My aim is not to call the patients to me for treatment. Instead, I would like them to learn and try all the self help natural therapies at their home by themselves. I have decided to put my experience on the website so that the people suffering from various problems may try these natural therapies at their home. All the persons are requested to kindly give us the feed back regarding their experiences with the therapies and suggestions given.

I have also decided to publish a free directory of the practitioners and the institutes of all of natural therapies, in this website, so that their techniques can have the exposure to the world at large and the needy they may visit or contact the practitioners directly.

The practitioners are requested to pass on their techniques to the new generation so that their knowledge may remain alive even after they have left this earth.

The tips and ideas mentioned in this site are based on the practical experience of several years and found useful by many; however the outcome may vary from person to person. Though the ideas mentioned in the site are known to each and everyone of us but it is my small effort to remind the same to all. Neither I have attended any medical college nor have I referred to any writer’s work. I have just mentioned whatever I have observed from my experience. There is every possibility of short comings and differences of opinions. However, I would very happily welcome all relevant comments which would be beneficial for all.

All the persons are requested to send us the details if they have experienced any type of natural therapy in their life, which are effective and deserve to be shared with other people. If anyone has the knowledge of good books written on natural therapies, the name of the book and its author may be mentioned, so that, the interested persons may go through them. All the websites relating to the natural therapies are most welcome to be interlinked so that we can serve the society in a broader scale.

Thanks to all who have given their valuable time to go through this website and would lend their valuable inputs for making this site full of good knowledge and worth visit by all.

Request to all the Practitioners and the Institutes

The patients come to us after the failure of modern medicines to give cure, or who cannot afford it any more and are looking for an alternative way to cure their diseases. No one should take undue advantage of the desperate condition of the patients who have come to you, after spending so much of their time and money on previous treatments.

All the practitioners who are practicing professionally or free of charge, are requested to send their details regarding the therapy they practice, their efficacy on different ailments, the success rate and approximate number of patients treated and the past experience, along with their photographs, so that, the same may be included in the directory

The training institutes are requested to send the complete details regarding their recognition, the courses available with them, fees structure etc, so that, the interest persons can have the idea and contact them as per their requirements.

Request to general people

This website is basically launched as a platform for all the natural healers who have been treating the ailing humanity with all of their knowledge, experience and dedication since generations but have a very little exposure to the people who are in actual need of their expertise. All the persons are hereby requested to kindly inform us if they have any knowledge about the practitioners who are engaged in healing, by any method, other than the allopathic system of medicine, where ever they may be on earth. This will help us to formulate a directory of these persons after checking their authenticity, so that, the persons in need may contact them and try their natural therapies. Till now lot of such therapists have died without passing on their expertise to the new generation which a great loss to the humanity. Now we all should try to conserve these therapies and save them from extinction.

We have taken into consideration all the aspects required for healthy body and mind and spirit. We shall update the information from the inputs received from anyone who would like to share their ideas. We hope, everyone shall extend all possible help to make the natural therapies popular and everyone on this earth remain healthy and happy till their last breath. The concerned persons are requested to contact the practitioners and institutes directly and kindly send us the details about their experience with the natural therapies, for the benefit of all