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Q. What are Natural Therapies?

All the healing systems which do not use chemical medicines for the treatment of diseases can be categorized as Natural therapies. In these systems the patients are treated with natural means like five basic elements which the human bodies are composed of i.e. air, water, space, earth and fire., exercises, pranayams (yogic breathing techniques), change of life style, change of eating habits, manipulative techniques, the medicines prepared from natural sources especially the medicinal plants.

Q. What are the benefits of Natural therapies?

The patients are treated with natural resources only there are remote chances of any adverse effect. The treatment is accepted easily by all the patients. They are very cheap. The patients can take the treatment at their home by themselves when they have learnt the techniques from the experts. There may be little aggravation during the initial treatment due to the cleansing process. However, one should use common sense while using the natural therapies if the aggravation continues or there is no improvement in the condition then one should contact experts in respective field for further treatment

Q. What are the basic principal of the Natural therapies?

The basic principal of the natural therapies is to remove the toxins and blockages of various types from the body, make the patients stronger by giving the necessary support of natural herbs and other natural resources. The Natural therapies consider the whole the whole body of the patient as a single unit and treatment is done accordingly in this way the patient gets well completely.

Q. Can the natural therapies be used along with the other system of medicine?

Yes, almost in all the cases the natural therapies can be used safely along with the other systems of medicine, however, it would be wise to consult the experts from whom the treatment is taken.