A Life Full of Health & Happiness!

General Life

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There are various aspects in our life right from the very birth till the last breath. Some of them are Health, education, food, finance, family, society, living conditions, habits, relations religion, rights and duties towards the family and the society, etc.

We all should maintain proper balance in all these aspects with our common sense and with the help of our elders, teachers, friends, family and other well wishers. Some of these aspects are discussed below which may help us to make our life comfortable.

Simple Living, Healthy Living!

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We should always try to live a simple life so that you can manage your family with a reasonable amount of earning. If you live a luxurious life, you have to earn more and more to satisfy your needs, you will have to spend most of the time for earning and in the process you would have no time to enjoy your life and maintain close relation with your family, in the process you may also resort to some illegal activities, falling into grave problems. This is the main reason that most of us are today losing our human values and close relation with the family and friends, in the race for earning more we loose our peace of mind and slowly we start developing insomnia and later fall into depression.

Always have association of good people who have high thinking and teach you good things. Attend religious meetings and listen to religious discourses which always lead your life to peace and happiness. Always try to do some social welfare this will give you lot of happiness and create good social circle.

Small Family, Happy Family!

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Keep your family small if you really want to enjoy the life. A small family needs small place to live, small amount of money will be enough. We can give good education to our children etc. If the family is big, all the time we would be worrying for the earning and managing it. If we have too many children, it would be very difficult to give them a good life and good education. Later they would not be able to get into respectable profession. A big family is burden on itself, the society, the country and the humanity. Almost all the problems faced by the humanity in modern day have originated by the relentless increasing population.