A Life Full of Health & Happiness!

Do not defer the work at your hands

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Always try to start and finish the work you have in your hands at the earliest. The worry to do any work is a bigger load on your mind than the work itself. You can instantly feel the joy once you have completed that job however small or big it may be.

Smiling is contagious, always wear a smiling face

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Always wear a smiling face so that whoever looks at you smiles as if you know him since long. No one smiles at the gloomy face. Smiling builds good friendship with all and it does not cost you any thing, make this a habit and observe its magic. Giving respect is reciprocal, if you respect others, they will definitely respect you. Irrespective of your post and designation keep your language and behavior respectful for all.

Treat others as you would like to be treated upon

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The almighty GOD always lives in the bodies of all living beings throughout our life in the form of the divine light which makes our body and mind work. Once it leaves our bodies we shall be dead. Always treat other living beings in a manner which you would expect yourself to be treated by others. Never hurt others physically or mentally because if we do so, it will hurt the Almighty and it will definitely make a note of it and make a script for our next life according to our past life deeds which we cannot escape.

When we are at a better and higher position in life, it is because of our past deeds. Do good deeds so that we may get still better life next time. Always help the deprived people within your capability, instead of suppressing them and laughing at them. This may at least, avoid your self getting a life like that in the next birth