A Life Full of Health & Happiness!

Live and Let Live!

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We all should make this saying, our habit. We all should make necessary arrangement for our well being and if possible lend our helping hand to other people in the society so that they can also live in peace. There are various persons throughout the world with different earning level ranging from very few to very high amount. It is the moral responsibility of high income group to spare an affordable amount for the welfare of the people who are not in position to earn money for the food, clothing, housing, medical treatment, education etc.

If it is impossible to spare big amount at a time, we could make a habit of putting off a small amount daily separately for social welfare purposes and use the same for the needy. This work can be done in a large scale also, by forming organization of the like minded people. In this way we can help the poor lot by providing them with the bare necessities of life and help making this earth a beautiful place to live in, for all.

Tips for the old age

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When you are in the earning age, try to save sufficient money for your old age needs by subscribing to old age benefit plans with good insurance companies, and saving schemes for respectful and happy old age. Let your offspring enjoy and use the facilities you have but keep the inheritance of your property in your own name till death, ultimately the inheritance automatically will go to your children. In this way we can maintain self respect in our family and the society. This principle applies to all, the old age persons of today and young who would become old tomorrow.

When we are not in a position to work and earn we should devote our time in social services, religious activities. Guide the younger generation with your experiences of life, if required and asked for, by them. It is wise to avoid messing up in their personal and professional life. Form a habit of doing light yoga exercises and pranayams daily, so that, the body remains fit without taking any medicines.