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A website based on the observations of the general life style of the people and various problems faced by them on physical, mental and spiritual levels and their remedy by natural therapies which have been in use for generations, the world over. This website is dedicated to our mother nature in whose lap we were born, are enjoying our lives and shall take our last breath, and all the persons who have kept the natural therapies alive by practicing and developing, for generations, for the benefit of ailing humanity throughout the earth.

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This remedy is very much useful after any type of injuries due to fall, blows, post operative conditions, and in conditions like bluish spots on the skin and also internal bleeding and clotting of blood. It works excellently in symptoms arising due to the clotting of blood in the brain, such as coma.

Arsenic Alb.

This medicine is also very useful in cases of stomach upsets, burning sensation in the abdomen, vertigo, weakness after loss of vital fluid from the body, psoriasis, eruptions and itching and burning of skin, allergies, initial stages of cold where there is lot of watery discharge with sneezing, asthmatic attacks etc. it is very useful in case the patient feels uneasiness and fear.


It is very useful medicine for the cure of several day to day problems such as constipation related symptoms like gastric, acidity, ulcers, piles, headache, sinusitis, dry cold and cough, fever, asthma, allergies, swelling and pain at joints, pain on movement any where in the body, loss of appetite, chest pain, gout etc.


is another great remedy, a single dose of which is very effective in several cases of pain and heaviness, fullness, swelling, burning, bearing down feeling felt by the patient irrespective any portion of the body, feeling of obstruction of stool and urine, tonsillitis, redness of eyes, ears and face, small nodules inside or outside of neck, frequent urination uncontrollable urge for stool and urine, bleeding from nose due to excess heat, gastric, headache, fever, epileptic attacks on full moon and no moon nights, problems related with deficient blood circulation, feeling of pain any where specially on the right side of the body, insomnia, fearful nightmares including that of dead persons etc.

Natural Therapy

In different parts of the world there are various plants and herbs and various types of natural therapies which the people have been using since generations but their knowledge was limited to their locality only. Now with the use of modern media and other systems these can be brought to the knowledge of the people of other places,

Health & General Life

Our body is the home for our soul to live throughout our life and also a vehicle for taking up the journey of life. It is of utmost importance to keep this body healthy till the last breath. Our body should be healthy in all respect physical, mental and spiritual as all these aspects are interrelated and interdependent.


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