A Life Full of Health & Happiness!

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Always watch good educative and entertaining movies, serials etc, so that, you feel fresh, happy and educated. Avoid reading of books and magazine, watching of TV serials and cinemas etc. which make your fearful, gloomy, desperate, and suspicious of our friends and family members. These always create confusion and frustration in our minds and we end up in sore relations with the family and the society.

If we want our countrymen to be good citizens the authorities should stop the screening and publishing of such absurd material at any cost. Many such materials teach the ways of committing crimes by projecting the sequences as they happened, which is very harmful for the society.

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We all should listen and watch religious materials which gives us the remembrance of the almighty GOD so that we may follow the path which they have shown. All the religions are same though their approach may differ in some way or the other. We should respect the sentiments of all the religions.

All the souls have emerged from a supreme soul which is known to us by the name of GOD.

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Money has very important place in our lives. There is no life without money and also there is no money without life. Always practice high moral ethics while earning money. Never compromise with the health and life of yourself and other people and the safety of your country, for earning money. Always spend and save your hard earned money sensibly in a balanced way. Do not expose your wealth to others, because it may lead in theft and also threat to life.

Save some portion of the money you earn, for the future needs of your family so that, you may not have to look for help at others, in case of emergencies. Always keep your hard earned money at safe hands, preferably with Government and well known organizations where you may get less interest but whenever you require, you would get your money back. There is lot of instances where people fall prey to quacks who assure you higher returns but when you require the money, they would not give even the principle amount. If you can spare some money, you should also subscribe for the medical, accident and life insurance policies. This would ensure monetary help to your dependents in case of any eventuality. If we are alive at the time of maturity we shall have our own money with us, for our old age needs. If we take these steps our mind becomes quite relaxed.