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How much trouble and pain our parents might have taken in our upbringing, can be felt only when we become parents ourselves. We should always respect our parents and elders as they cared for our well being throughout our life. Now it is our turn and we should take care of them in the best possible way. If we take good care of our parents, our children would also learn the same and care for us when we become old.

Old age is not the time to stay away from home; the old parents require care and love like small children. Instead of keeping them in old age homes we should keep them with us and give personal care.

We all should take care for female, children, elderly, physically and mentally challenged and ill persons as they are vulnerable to different problems.

They all should have reasonably safe work conditions and they should be given fullest possible support by the society.

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Our social fabric is made up of people following various religions, cultures, traditions, dresses, ideologies, languages etc. All should respect each others feelings so that there is complete harmony among all and the life is filled with the different colorful cultures. All the religious functions should be performed with most possible simplicity and serenity with disturbing the normal lives of the people in general.

Giving respect is reciprocal, if you respect others, they will definitely respect you. Irrespective of your post and designation keep your language and behavior respectful for all.