A Life Full of Health & Happiness!

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How much trouble and pain our parents might have taken in our upbringing, can be felt only when we become parents ourselves. We should always respect our parents and elders as they cared for our well being throughout our life. Now it is our turn and we should take care of them in the best possible way. If we take good care of our parents, our children would also learn the same and care for us when we become old.

Old age is not the time to stay away from home; the old parents require care and love like small children. Instead of keeping them in old age homes we should keep them with us and give personal care.

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Contentment is very essential from whatever we do and achieve in our lifetime. If we lead a natural and simple life we are always free of unnecessary hassles. Most of us have never ending expectations in our lives which give rise to various types of complexities and we hardly get contentment.

All of us should always give our best to achieve the goals in our life but also we should be content with the achievements instead of complaining about the short comings. No one can become happy in life if there is no sense of contentment from whatever one has achieved.