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Evolution of Natural therapies

In the olden days when the people were hurt by some thing or when they fell down, they used to message that area; some times they applied some natural herbs to the area and got cured. When they got cold they used to have sunbath or got warmth from the fire or warm water, when they got burnt they used to pour cold water on the area. These were the natural systems of healing which the people practiced in olden days. Later, numerous persons researched in this field and compiled their studies into research papers and books. Later we start calling it Naturopathy. People used the leaves, the roots, the stems, and the bark of the different plants, to cure the diseases. They crushed the herbs and prepared paste to apply on the wound and fractured bones, used stem of neem and babool tree to clean the teeth etc.

In different parts of the world there are various plants and herbs and various types of natural therapies which the people have been using since generations but their knowledge was limited to their locality only. Now with the use of modern media and other systems these can be brought to the knowledge of the people of other places, so that, the same may also be used by all and also, the knowledge may be exchanged with the people of other places for the benefit of the humanity at large.

Some of them natural therapies, to be named, are Naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicines , Yoga and Pranayam, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magneto therapy, Massage Techniques, Homoeopathy, Siddha, Unani medicines, Tibetan medicines, Reiki, Hypnosis, etc. Besides, these therapies, there are several other methods of treatment by traditional healers who, by some sort of exorcism, treat the patients of several diseases which are thought incurable by any other system of medicine. In case of illness, it is always the best to try the natural therapies. If it does not work one can go for the modern medicine, hospitalization and surgeries etc. If the modern medicine fails to give the desired results, the patient can at any time opt for the natural therapies, which always have hope for the desperate cases at any stage of illness, till the last breath of the patients, suffering from any disease. It is observed that most of these therapies are very easy to practice by oneself at home, very cheap (most of them are free), without any side effect.

The modern medicine world should use the natural healing therapies as complimentary to their system as they can help tremendously in curing various diseases. On several occasions it is has been observed that the modern medical persons try to create confusion among the ailing persons regarding the natural therapies projecting them as useless and harmful. However, it has been noticed that countless persons are suffering a lot due to the side effects of chemical medication, excess doses, and self-medication and not by the natural therapies. Nowadays, all the persons, the world over, are inclined to go for the natural therapies because of their efficacy, especially in chronic illness.

The modern medical science calls it as faith healing because it has not been possible to prove to scientifically as to how they work, though many of us have come across and observed their miracles in our lives, some time or the other. Some persons who have inherited the manipulating techniques from their ancestors set bones and nerves so miraculously, that, several new and old cases of pains and immobility and numbness of limbs etc. are cured within spur of a moment. Some therapists treat the patients without any charge, while others do it professionally duly, charging fees for their services.