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How do the Natural Therapies work?

Almost all the natural therapies help in removing the very root cause of the problem, may it be due the slackness or over activeness of the organs, deficient circulation of blood, malfunctions of the endocrine glands, imbalance of the body mind and spirit, lack of various natural chemicals in the body due the imbalanced diet and improper assimilation of the food taken, insufficient exercises and sedentary life, toxicity due to the pollutions of various kinds, over use of fertilizers and pesticides, use of artificial preservatives and colors in food, taking too much of medicines, use of tobacco, drugs etc. wrong postures, remaining in single posture for long time, luxurious living habits etc.

The natural therapies bring about a balance in functioning of all the systems of the body. In this process it may take some time and it may even require more than one natural therapy at a time to give the cure. In case the patient is under the medication for blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, kidney troubles, asthma etc. the medicines should not be stopped, instead, the natural therapies could be tried side by side along with the medicines. The cure depends on the condition of the patient, the period of illness, proper use of the therapies etc.

Since generations the natural therapies have cured many cases but, the same is not recognized by the medical world because, so far not much work has been done in this field and whatever, has been done, is not enough to find out how do these therapies actually work. Finally, it is said that these are faith healing only, without any scientific back ground. It is not fair to conclude that which can not proved or seen is of no use and does not have any value. As in the case of Homoeopathy remedies, it is concluded by the modern medical science that, since there in no medicine found in it on analysis, it has not been accepted as medicine and is said to have only a placebo effect. The action of the homoeopathic medicines is beyond the understanding of the modern medical science and as such, they call it placebo and not a medicine. The patients cannot be treated by placebo effect, if it were so, than all the other systems of medicine could also have used the same technique, without giving the medicine they could have treated the patients with placebos and there would have been no need of any medicines.

If something is beyond our understanding and knowledge, it is not wise to deny its existence and its functions. We all have heard people saying that the ‘GOD’ is omnipresent; we cannot challenge this only because we have not seen him. We have seen many bone setters, message therapists, exorcists, religious followers etc., the world over, who have been treating people successfully since generations with their traditional techniques. They may not have place in the medical science but they actually are very much effective than the modern medicines. No one should be deprived of these systems of treatment due to the lack of awareness. If any thing is doing good to the humanity is should be widely be accepted and practiced.

Almost all the natural therapies help to strengthen the immune system of the body so that, the body becomes strong and the disease are thrown out of the body from their very root. We have various natural therapies at our disposal for the cure of our diseases; we should try the therapies which are more effective for our particular problems, after a detailed study of their efficacy mentioned in the leaflets and books written after extensive research and practice. Some therapies have been found more effective for some diseases while some other therapies are found more effective for some other diseases. If the patients suffering from any chronic disease are fed up of taking the modern treatment, they can at any stage come to the Mother Nature and try its various therapies which have very soothing affect. All the systems of healing have their limitations. In some cases, we may not get the desired results, but we can rest assured of the zero side effect.