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Preservation of Natural Therapy

There is an urgent need for the recognition of these therapies by the medical world and the Government of all the countries, so that, the ailing persons may get the benefits of these wonderful and amazing therapies. Countless therapists all over the world have died along with their experience without being able pass it to the next generation. It is high time that we make a sincere effort to give due importance and save this invaluable heritage of ancient civilizations and the experiences of our ancestors from extinction. These therapists should be given chance to prove the efficacy of their therapy, by allowing them to treat people, and if found really effective and flawless, these therapies should be tried by the medical world with open mind and heart and the research should be done extensively.

This work must be done by universities world over, by identifying various therapies after the due trial of their efficacy on patients, arranging for the research, development, propagation and preserving them for the benefit of ailing persons. These therapies should be taught in the institutions and proper qualification system should be set up, duly giving the practitioners and the students the knowledge of human anatomy, functions of different organs, necessary for the treatment of the patients, so that, the patients do not fall prey to the quacks and half trained practitioners and risk their lives.

The necessary steps should be taken to recognize and establish these therapies as a lawful system of treatment and necessary institutes should be established for imparting their knowledge. The existing institutes should also be streamlined and be brought under the law of the land governing the medicine and the health. In this way the unscrupulous practice of the system could be avoided. The medical claim insurance and other facilities could also be extended to these systems of healing.

The Government of India has taken the initiative in this field by establishing “AYUSH” a new department which deals with the propagation of various natural therapies. There are numerous individuals and organizations throughout India and the world over who have been working relentlessly in this field since their establishment but are still unknown to the suffering persons and the public in general. Several times it happens that there are very simple methods of treating our problems, very near to us, but we are unaware due their non-exposure. The need of the hour is to recognize these individuals and organizations and prepare a directory, so that, they are brought to the knowledge of the public in general and the medical world in the larger interest.