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My experience with some Natural Therapies

I have been practicing the various natural therapies since the last 25 years, and successfully helped more than 50 thousand patients suffering from different diseases. I can say that the natural therapies should be learned and practiced by all the persons who are interested in the good health of their family. These therapies should be included in their daily lifestyle so that they remain healthy and also get cured of the minor illness without much expenses and side effects, very fast. Amazing results are obtained in most of the cases if these various natural therapies are combined and used for the benefit of the ailing humanity.

Acupressure and homoeopathy are the main subjects of my interest, but I am always open to learn various natural therapies which are helpful and complimentary to each other. These therapies have helped a lot in treating the pains and aches of different type, which the human beings encounter in their life some time or the other, irrespective of the origin and disease. The pains and aches are managed very effectively without any expense, side effect and instantly. In many cases the patients get instant relief from their years of suffering like a miracle

I have successfully treated various long standing cases originating due to the non alignment of single or multiple vertebras, such as of Joint pains (except those suffering from rheumatic arthritis), knees pain, backache, frozen shoulder, writer’s cramp, tennis elbow, stiff neck, snoring, sneezing, sinusitis, asthma induced by motion and exertion, chest pain, stammering, cramps anywhere within the body, pain, numbness, tingling sensations and various discomforts felt by the patients in different positions while sitting, sleeping, walking, driving, eating etc.

Some Natural Therapies


This system of medicine is based on the principle “Like cures Like”. It is very simple and has unparallel potential in curing various diseases. In this system most of the remedies are prepared from the natural resources. The remedies are administered in such a minute dose that the raw material used to prepare the remedy is not visible if they are analyzed, unlike other remedies. If the selection of the correct remedy is done as per the symptoms, narrated by the patient and his diagnostic reports and the visible symptoms, in several cases only a couple of doses are enough to give total cure. These remedies work instantly when they are put on the tongue of the patient and within very short time the patient starts feeling better. Many times within a couple of minutes the patient feels the relief. The remedies are prepared by vibrations and works on the vital force of the patient, unlike in the case of other medicines, where they reach the stomach and the intestines of the patients and absorbed there and mix with the blood and carried to the different parts of the body to give the relief.

In several cases, a single or a few doses of Homoeopathic medicines have given miraculous results in acute and chronic diseases alike, some of them to mention are depression, insomnia, vertigo, migraine headache, bleeding from the mouth and nose, pus discharge from the ears, ulcers, skin diseases like excessive sweating, itching, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, chronic and non-healing wounds, burning sensation in the abdomen and of other parts, frequent urge to pass urine and stool, bedwetting of children, loss of appetite, excessive hunger, constipation and related problems like gastritis and piles etc, urinary tract infections and stones, menstrual irregularities and discharge of various nature, fearful and disturbing dreams, internal bleedings, from any orifice, chronic cough and cold etc. Besides, very good results are obtained in cases like Hepatitis, jaundice and as palliative treatment in serious and terminal cases of cancer. Even if, it has reached the incurable stage, the natural remedies will very effectively give relief to the patient till their last breath without suffering much pain.