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Acupressure and Reflexology

There are many forms of acupressure therapy which are in practice throughout the world. Some of them to name are meridian therapy, zone therapy, sujok therapy, auricular reflexology, hand and foot reflexology etc. In acupressure and reflexology therapies, moderate pressure is given on the relevant points located on the soles and palms and different areas of the body which helps in removing all types of blockages in the systems which in turn activates the proper flow of the vital energy, the blood, the lymph etc. Though it is a very simple therapy, it gives instant and amazing results which no one can even dream of. I have been practicing acupressure therapy since last 25 years and have tried successfully on thousands of patients suffering from various diseases with out any side effect. These therapies can be practiced by the patients at home by themselves after going through various books on the subject or the treatment may be taken from the experts.


In acupuncture more or less the same points as in acupressure, are pricked with sterilized needles by experts to stimulate the nerves to bring about the cure by establishing natural circulations in the body, for various diseases. The acupuncture treatment should be taken only from the qualified therapists. There are chances of getting certain infections and side effects, if the treatment is given by untrained person. The results obtained from acupuncture and acupressure therapies are almost the same.


According to the natural therapies our bodies are made up of five basic natural elements they are Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth. All these elements have direct relation with our bodies and any type of imbalance in these elements causes illness. In Naturopathy normally these five elements are used to bring about a balance in the body. The Naturopathy basically aims at cleansing our bodies of various toxins with cause obstructions and become the breeding ground for various disease causing bacteria and viruses. Naturopathy includes different types of hot and cold baths such as water bath, steam bath, sun bath, mud bath etc., exercises, meditation, change in food habits, change in living habits etc. The natural hot water springs, spas, enema, chromo therapy, music therapy, hot packs, cold packs, mud packs, free hand exercises, etc., come under naturopathy systems.