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Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine etc.

All of these systems mostly use herbs to prepare medicines for the cure of various diseases and these are very much effective and without side effects. Most of the formulations are prepared after extensive research since thousands of years. Now days due to the relentless increase in the prices of allopathic medicines and their side effects, more and more people are turning towards these systems, which are less costly and more effective, specially, for the chronic illness. All of these medicines are free of harmful chemicals and they cure the diseases from the very root, by strengthening the inner curative power of the body. It is advisable to use these medicines under the supervision of the experts and persons who are qualified in their respective field. In all of these systems, the diagnosis is done by feeling the pulse of the patient, which is very accurate, but now only few experts are alive and this pulse diagnosis technique is almost extinct and the practitioners rely on the modern diagnostic technique. It is necessary to revive and use the pulse diagnosis system along with the modern system otherwise we would loose this technique for ever. .

One such simple ayurvedic medicine is, “trifala powder”, which has cured many long standing cases of Migraine headache, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic cough and cold, asthmatic attack associated with dust and cold allergy, acidity, gastric symptoms, constipation, piles, excess heat in the body. Only half a teaspoon of this powder, taken with water in empty stomach, early in the morning, induces a slight loose motion but the patients get miraculous results within a very short period, sometimes within a day or two. I have tried this on thousands of patients and got excellent results almost in all the cases. Not even a single case of adverse effect has been reported so far. The ayurvedic medicines, if prescribed rightly, give excellent and permanent results even in chronic and hopeless cases.

In natural systems of healing the whole body of the patient is taken into consideration irrespective of the location of the problem because there several problems which show up at different location of the body whereas the root cause may be somewhere else. As in the case of migraine headache, sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis and in several cases of asthma it has been seen that the patient has excess of heat in the stomach and the digestive system. This heat increases with the intake of medicines like antibiotics, pain killers and anti-allergic medicines. The patients feel little relief for the time being due to the action of these strong medicines but later on the problem arises with more intensity and stronger medicine would be required next time to suppress the problem. In natural systems, these cases are treated by reducing the excess heat in the digestive system and this brings about a permanent cure to the problems.

Manipulative therapies

These include physical manipulations by experts like osteopaths, chiropractic therapists, bone setters, message therapists, physio-therapists etc. These therapies are useful for pains, immobility of limbs, paralysis, polio and post operative orthopedic and other similar cases. These therapies are also very effective in variety of problems and give great relief to the patients. These are very much helpful for the sports persons and other patients who do not show any specific problems in the diagnostic systems but still suffer a lot, are cured by these simple techniques easily.

I have been practicing several natural therapies including the manipulation of spine since last 25 years and have been able to cure thousands of patients who had been suffering from various types of pains and discomforts, some cases were even 25 to 30 years old. I have succeeded in removing the collar belts, lumbar belts, knee caps, anklets, elbow supporting bands, crepe bandages around the arms and calf muscles which were being used by the patients since many months and years. Most of these patients were having pain in different parts of the body, having vertigo, faintness, muscular cramps, post operative immovability of limbs, frozen shoulder, writer’s cramps, tennis elbow, stiff neck, backache, spondilysis, ankle pains, pains about the ribs, etc but now they are completely cured without any medication and surgeries.