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Treatment through Religious rituals & Traditional Healers

There are several persons who inherit or learn some sort of healing powers and techniques from their ancestors or their teachers. They heal the patients by chanting several types of mantra (religious hymns) and performing religious rituals. In this 21st century when the science has developed various diagnostic and healing systems, these systems seem to be absurd but on several occasions, they have shown miraculous results specially, where other healing systems have failed even to diagnose the problem.

I have seen myself several patients of these kind, being treated and cured by these types of traditional healers. There are lots of such instances where people suffering from epilepsy, fear, bouts of madness, viewing of various types of dreams since years, which do not show any abnormality in the modern diagnostic systems, are cured very easily by these persons. Some of these persons are said to be empowered and blessed by some deities. Though it cannot be proved scientifically how it works but when we come across some diseases like this and experience the healing by these healers, than only we believe in their systems. Ultimately, we are interested in the cure and not in its scientific background, especially in those cases where the science has failed to give the expected cure. In India there are several religious places (like temples & mosques) where many types of diseases are cured just by performing several rituals and believing in them. However, the medical world may take some more years to find out the scientific background behind the working of these therapies.


The scientists do not believe in God and the Devil, but when we come across in our life, in the situations in which the science fails to diagnose and cure the problems faced by us, we have no other option left than to opt for other natural therapies like exorcism. We have seen many instances in which no medical diagnosis could be done but those cases were cured by the traditional exorcists by their different methods which included the performing of certain religious and tantric rituals. Certain cases which are believed to be caused by witch-craft, or persons and places haunted by evil spirit or caused by the some unknown powers, cannot be cured by any medicine.

In most of these cases the patient is in a frightened state and whenever the attack occurs the patients have so much energy that he or she cannot be controlled or over powered by several persons at a time. However, when they are taken to the exorcists the patients become calm and under control without much effort. But, I would like to advise these patients firstly, to get themselves checked by qualified physician to rule out any mental or physical problem, before resorting to these methods.

Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, Feng-sui, Gem Therapy etc. as system of healing

All the above systems are prevalent since thousands of years and being used by millions of persons through out the universe. These systems have helped a lot of persons suffering from various mental and physical problems. The astrology and the palmistry and the gem therapy advice to wear rings with different gems mounted on them, prescribe certain rituals, to remove the bad effect of different planets and their movements, on the human beings. Vastu Shastra and Feng-sui advise to change direction of the furniture, rooms, and modifications by removing some walls, entrances, kitchen, toilets, living room and the use of certain idols, wall hangings, etc to bring a balance and remove the ill effects on body and mind, at home and offices etc. according to their principles.

These therapies are based on ancient science and on several occasions they are found useful, but since their functioning cannot be shown or proved to the modern science, they are believed to be only a faith healing. However, if other systems and therapies fail we must try these therapies for possible solution to our problem.