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These exercises were developed by several saints who used to practice them to enhance their body mind and spirit to make them perfect for meditation and enlightenment. These exercises tone up each and every cell of the body making each and every system of the body perfect in their functions. The yoga exercises include various free hand exercises which have been in practice since thousands of years throughout the world, for the benefit of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Previously, people practiced yoga only to keep them healthy but now, world famous Yoga Guru Swami Ramdevji, has taught the whole world how to practice yoga and pranayams to maintain good health and also how to regain the normal health which we have lost due erroneous living and eating habits. Millions of people have left bad habits and started practicing the simple techniques of Yoga and Pranayam daily and got rid of their various incurable diseases, at their home itself. Not only this, by practicing these simple techniques regularly, one can purify his body, mind and spirit needed for meditation and attainment of ultimate goal of becoming one with the supreme power “GOD” which is the essence of the term “ YOGA”.

Prana means life, we are alive till there is Prana in our body and we are able to breathe. When the “Prana” has left our body we cannot breathe even though whatever amount of medicine, oxygen etc. may be pumped in the dead body nothing will help it get up again. So we can understand how important is the Prana and breathing. Normally, we breathe throughout our life unknowingly. If the breathing is done systematically and rhythmically as per yogic system, it can keep us healthy and also cure several diseases by regulating the flow of life energy to each and every cell of the body. It also enhances the spiritual power to understand the various truths of life. This breathing exercise, if done along with the meditation under the guidance of able Guru (spiritual teacher), can help us to know the own self and the almighty, who runs each and every thing on this earth and whole of the solar system.

Previously the people believed that yoga was related to only Hindu religion, but now people are being convinced by their practical knowledge that though this system originated in India, it has nothing to do with any particular religion. It is an integrated system comprising of physical and mental exercises by which everyone irrespective of caste, creed and religion, can practice and get the benefits.