A Life Full of Health & Happiness!

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Always eat healthy and fresh food with least amount of spices, oils, preservatives, artificial colors. Maintain timings for eating food; drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid non vegetarian food as far as possible, avoid aerated soft drinks, avoid taking medicines for minor problems and never take any medicine on your own, without consulting a qualified physician. Never control the calls of the nature, such as the pressure for urine and stool. The ladies should not control or defer the menstrual flow date by taking various medicines as it is very harmful practice.

Avoid alcoholic drinks, drugs in any form, tobacco chewing, smoking biri, cigars and cigarette etc. these items spoil both the money and health. Normally, the persons stop consuming these items after they get serious illness like cancer but then, it is too late for getting any benefit as every thing finishes by that time. Before consuming these things just think of your family and dependents, what will be their plight when something bad happens to you. Instead of spending the hard earned money on these things and ruining your life, purchase things which are useful for you family’s health.

The manufacturers, sellers, advertisers and the celebrities who are part of the advertisements become richer and richer day by day by leap and bounds but the people who consumes these items become poorer and poorer day by day in all respects health, wealth, peace of mind, social status and relations with good people. Avoid friendship and association of persons who are engaged in wrong eating and drinking habits as they would ruin their family and yours too. Do not keep your food exposed in the open because besides the risk of getting it contaminated with several diseases there is risk of getting it exposed to the bad eyes, which is also equally harmful and incurable by any medicine.

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We all should maintain proper hygiene at all levels personal, residential and social. This helps and keeps the life beautiful, comfortable and healthy.

Personal: We all should maintain personal hygiene by -

1) Taking regular bath, 2) Trimming of hair, 3) clipping of nails, 4) wearing washed clothes, 5) washing of hands before after going to toilets, 6) washing hands before and after food, 7) covering of mouth while sneezing and coughing, 8) proper brushing of teeth and cleaning the tongue before sleeping, 9) Protect food from dust and staling, 10) Never chew or smoke tobacco in any form it is the worse thing one can do.

At Home: Hygiene at home should be maintained by - 1) Cleaning house daily, 2) avoid taking the shoes inside the house, 3) having proper ventilation for light and air, 4) avoid living in damp places, 5) keep waste materials in bins and dispose wisely, 6) Have proper exhaust for fumes, 7) Always

Personal attitudes - 1) Maintain proper postures (Health), 2) Think positive (Mental), 3) Listen to religious discourses and respect all religions, 4) Be polite to Elders, Ladies, Children and sick persons, 5) Do social work and charity,

All these things would give happiness and contentment to oneself.