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Wear loose fitting clothes, mostly made of cotton and other natural sources, they are good for health. Never wear tight clothes as they disturb the circulations in the body. Though, it is at ones own discretion and liking, but tight clothing and wearing of clothes which cover only small portion of the body are not good for anyone as they expose our attitudes and provoke the people to pass bad comments and in many cases this is one of the main causes of violence against the females, all over the world.

Now days most of the clothing is for style and not for covering the body. Most of the fashion shows now days show models wearing least clothes and it becomes difficult to make out whether they want to show the clothes or the uncovered bodies. We can ascertain what impact these show would have on the mind of the young generation.



All of us require a shelter to stay. It should be safe, healthy and hygienic with sufficient sunlight and fresh air. It should be in an environment where one can stay peacefully during day and night.

The shelter should be free from different types of hazards. The approach should be easy for day to day use and also for the emergencies like illness, fire etc.

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Wrong posture may cause lot of problems like spondylitis, swelling, numbness, tingling sensation stiff neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, writers cramp, vertigo and pain at different parts of the body etc.

We should change our postures often as sitting; sleeping, standing and working in one posture for long time can press the nerves and the blood vessels obstructing the circulation which in turn causes the above mentioned problems.