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Ailments & Remedies

Abdomen Pain, Belching, Constipation, Gastric, Stomach Pain

Most of these cases are due to the shifting of solar plexus called Nabhi Chakra in Ayurvedic medicine system. It is the centre of nervous system in abdominal area which controls the digestion and excretory system of the body. It can be felt by slight pressure of the thumb, just behind the naval in throbbing motion, if it is in its right place. If it is shifted up, down, or side ways the throbbing can not be felt, and this results in various problems in the abdomen including constipation, gastric symptoms, acidity, ulcers, vomiting of food taken, chest pain in some cases even serious problems like diabetes, hypertension, malfunction of liver, pancreas and even cancer.

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For Diarhhea take homeo medicine Podophylium 200, 4-5 globules.

For Chronic Diarhhea take homeo medicine Cina 200, 4-5 globules for 2-3 days at bedtime.

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Constipation, Acidity, Asthma, Piles, Chronic Cough, Cold, Congestion in respiratory track & lungs, Headache, Sinusitis

Constipation, difficult to digest food, exposure to excessive cold, taking chilled drinks and food products, suppression of cold with the strong anti allergic and antibiotic medicines, are the major reasons for the chronic cough and cold related problems like sneezing, running nose, headache, sinusitis, pharyngitis etc problems rise to the various reasons. These cases should be treated by avoiding the above mentioned root causes. Change of life style and food habits according to one’s health condition, following the natural system of healing like steam inhalation and practicing the yogic pranayam and pressing the acupressure points daily and taking a few doses of Homeopathic medicines as per the symptoms present helps a lot.

For piles constipation should be avoided with proper food habits, exercises and trifala churan, acupressure treatment, take one dose of homeo medicine Nux Vomica 200 at night and one dose of Homeo medicine Sulphur 200 early morning for a couple of days. One should not strain if there is dryness in the colon as this may cause bleeding and prolaple of rectum and even piles. Instead, they should interlock the fingers of both the hands and rub the palms of both the hands against each other. This will help the stool to come out easily.

For Cold In initial stages take Homeo Medicine Nux Vomica 200, 4-5 pills, twice daily for 2 days. In case of excess irritation and sneezing, take Homeo Medicine Arsenic Alb. 200, 4-5 pills, twice a day for 2 days.

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Acne, Skin Allergies, Eczema, Itching, Pimples, Psoriasis

Some skin problems may be due to external reasons like exposure to sunrays, chemicals, allergens, injuries from certain poisonous insects, plants and materials etc. but, there are various skin problems which originate from inside the body some are hereditary while others are due to circulatory malfunctions and wrong food habits and allergies. The external problems can be treated by taking internally and applying various herbal medicines. The problems like eczema and psoriasis which are deep rooted in the body have to be treated by herbal and homoeopathic medicines which would remove it, from the very root. Suppressing them with strong chemical medicines would not clear the problem instead; they will give temporary relief and drive it inside the body to show up again at the same or some other spot again.

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Pranayam and other yogic system also help a lot in cleansing various toxins from the body. Just a single dose of Homoeopathic remedy, Arsenic Alb in 200th potency has cured several cases of psoriasis, and a single dose of Sulphur 200 has cured several cases of dry and sticky eczema. The eczema patients should not apply soap on the affected area instead they should apply plain coconut oil twice a day. If these medicines have cured half of the problem, then repetition of another single dose after an interval of two weeks may cure the problem for ever. For Pimples and acne, one should press the middle of the wrist area one inch above the palms. Slight pain will be felt in this point, which should be pressured for one minute 3 to 4 times a day. Very soon it would clear the pimples and prevent its recurrence.

Backache, Burning sensation, Joint Pains, Tennis elbow, Writers cramp, Stiff Neck, Frozen shoulder, Shrinkging, Swelling, Stiffness, Numbness, Pain

There are several reasons for backaches, some of these cases may be associated with some serious problems which require detailed investigation and treatment, but most of them are related to the deficiency of the circulation of blood and life energy to that area, due to various reasons like weakness, pressure on nerves by the vertebras, damage to the nerves by fall, blow, cuts, fractures, surgery etc. These cases can be cured effectively with physiotherapy exercises, acupressure, yoga exercises, massage etc. We have treated successfully thousands of cases like these who did not respond to other system of medicine even after months of traction and medication. Within very short time the problem could be removed permanently. In many cases it took only a few minutes. In most of the cases depression or protrusion is found in some vertebras. The patient feels pain on applying pressure on this area. Slight thumping near these vertebra sets them in place because of the vibration, immediately the problems connected with it vanishes.

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It is always advisable for the persons suffering from backache, to avoid forward bending, lifting heavy loads, massaging the spine area, sleeping on soft bed or mattress and doing exercises except those which are taught and advised by therapists.

Burns & Burning sensation

For burns and burning sensation any where in the body, take a dose or two of Homoeo medicine Cantharis 30 or 200. For immediate relief from burning, a few globules of this medicine should be melted in half a cup of water. One teaspoonful of this liquid should be taken on an interval of 1 to 2 minutes after stirring every time, this would work very fast.

Cramps during sleep, Fearful Dreams, Insomnia

Several persons may come across different type of fear in their life time. Children fear from unknown identity which is created in their mind by their parents to make them obey, some fear from going to school, some fear from exams etc. Several times elders also have in their minds some fear of staying alone, looking down from height, closed rooms, fear of loud sound, fear as if someone is chasing from behind, some fear of meeting with new persons, seniors, and presentations. These are minor cases which start after experiencing some incident in life; these can be helped at lot by counseling and also taking of a teaspoonful of the equal mixture of Coriander (Dhania) powder and cuminseed (Jeera) Powder with water twice a day for a week or more. This cures the fear, reduces cholesterol, clears blockages, regulates the blood circulation, removes cramps, reduces high blood pressure etc. A dose of Homoeo medicine Aconite 200 is also very useful for immediate relief.

For cramps in leg & calf muscles Belladona 200 one dose or Kali Phos-1 M, 1 dose should be taken at bed time for a day of two.

For Insomnia & Fearful dreams take one or two doses of Homoeo medicine Belladona in 200th potency.

Mouth Hygiene (Bad Smelling Mouth, Recurring boils in Mouth, Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Sore throat, Loss of voice)

In all of the above mentioned cases gargling and cleansing the mouth with salt and alum water twice a day is very much beneficial. Put half a teaspoon of salt and a small grain of alum in hot water. Keep little of this water in the mouth and shut the lips, stoop forward so that all the gums keep dipped in the hot water. This would treat whole of the mouth, the throat and the gums and cleanse any type of infection, however old it may be. Ayurvedic syrup named Septilin is very much effective for chronic and acute tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Pressing of acupressure points at the web of thumbs and index finger of both the hands is also very effective. The persons suffering from these problems should avoid taking of cold drinks, ice creams, food items with ice and sour food items, to avoid the recurrence of the troubles. For recurring boils in the mouth, one or two doses of Homoeo medicine Merc.Sol. In200 potency would be enough. The patient should avoid having constipation.

For loss of voice ujjai pranayam should be done along with the acupressure treatment.

Additionally for Tooth pain, Bleeding & pus discharge from gums, Swelling of gums take homeo medicine Belladona 200, also press the corresponding points depicted in the image.

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Blockage of Blood Circulation, Cramps, Cholesterol, Fear, Hypertension

Blockage of Blood Circulation

People suffer from various problems connected with the blockage of blood circulation and the circulation of the life energy like pain, numbness, burning sensation, swelling, weakness, shrinking etc, All these problems can easily be cured by pressing the acupressure points as shown In the chart for arms and legs, massage and homeopathic medicines. Many cases of pain and, immobility of the limbs due to accident, fracture, spinal injury, paralysis have responded very well to acupressure treatment and the spinal manipulative technique.

Cholesterol, Fear, Hypertension, Palpitation

One teaspoon of the Mixture of Dhania (coriander) Powder and Jeera (cumin seed) Powder should be taken once or twice daily with water, as per the severity of the problem. Change in life style and food habits, avoiding non veg and oily food. Regular exercises and practicing of savasana (death posture as taught in yogasan) . The patient should not discontinue the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

If the problem still persists take, in case of fear, take Homeo medicine Aconite 200, one dose once only or Kali Phos. 1M at bed time one dose.


Take Kali Phos. 1M one dose once only at bed time.

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Non-healing wounds & discharge of Pus from Ears, Fistula

Several of non healing wounds, fistula any where in the body and discharge of pus from the ears since many years, have been cured just by one or two dose of Silicia-200.

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Irregular periods, Excess Bleeding, White discharge, Menopausal syndrome, Cysts, Fibroids

Most of the females some time or the other do suffer from all these problems. The best way to prevent and cure these problems is to press both the wrists 2 to 3 times a day for 5 minutes each. If there is hormonal imbalance one can sit on the chair for 10 minutes twice a day with a tennis ball kept under the perineum (place between the anus and vagina¬). This would press the root chakra so that, all the problems mentioned above can be prevented and cured by bringing about a balance in the hormonal secretions. This also removes the infertility. Incase of white discharge a dose or two of Homoeo medicine Nux Vomica 200 is enough to bring about a permanent cure. If the discharge is yellowish with offensive smell, a dose of Hepar Sulf -200 is enough. If this does not help the patient should get themselves checked for other disease.

For Incontinence urine take homeo medicine Belladona 200, 4-5 globules for 2-3 days.

For Cysts, Fibroids & Benign Tumors one may take 4 pills of bio-chemic remedy Calcarea Flourica 6x thrice a day (to be chewed).

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Urinary Problems

For Incontinence urine take homeo medicine Belladona 200, 4-5 globules for 2-3 days.

Bedwetting & Frequent Urination

These problems can easily be overcome by one or two doses of Homoeo medicine Belladona in 200th potency to be taken at bed time and avoid drinking water before bed time.

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Vertigo, Dizziness with or without nausea & vomiting

All these problems can easily be cured with one or two doses of Homoeopathic medicines Arsenic Alb-200, or Coculus-200 m. If the problem is due to spondylsis the manipulative treatment is required.

If the dizziness is due to spondylitis, the manipulation of spine has to be done, to release the pressure on nerves.

Kidney Stones

One or two doses of Homeo medicine Berberis Vulgaris 200, followed by half cup of black tea twice a day and acupressure on middle of both the palms has thrown out stones from the kidney and the urinary track measuring up to 8 to 9 mm.

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Jaundice, Hepatitis, Sludge, Minor stones in Gall Bladder

Jaundice, Hepatitis, gall stones, acidity, liver cirrhosis can be helped with trifala churan and the homeo pathic medicine chelidonium 200 one dose daily for some weeks. Sludge in Gall bladder could be removed with this medicine.

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Each and every therapy has limitation, and its efficacy depends upon person to person and hence it can not be guaranteed that all the cases can be cured by any particular therapy. If necessary, some other natural therapy may be combined to give better and faster cure to the patient. However, if the problems persists or increases after taking the treatment, the cases would need further evaluation and diagnosis. If the desired results are not obtained the patient may opt for some other system of medicine. It is more or less assured that even if we do not get positive results there are no negative results in natural therapies. If there is no emergency we can easily try natural therapies, even in case of emergency if the medical facility is not available, the natural therapies can be used as first aid.