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Advice & Caution to Patients

It is for the information of all that in the pretext of solving health problems some traditional practitioners advise us to sacrifice another life for offering to please some deity or to remove the bad omen. This is not advisable in any case. If we save our lives or health at the stake of another life we shall have to repay for it at some time or other without fail, which shall be very painful. If we are childless it is always better to adopt an orphan than to take another life, for the rituals performed for getting our own child.

Some persons advise us to purchase and release in open some birds and fish which are kept in captivity by sellers for killing and eating. This is a good practice, if we save other lives, they may bless us and there are bright chances of our problems being solved or eased.

This is to caution the patients that they should check the past records of the practitioner before starting the treatment. There are many quacks that fool the ailing persons, take advantage of their helplessness and earn the money. Some practitioners use, some allopathic medicines in their treatments to show a fast recovery from the diseases, however, we request the patients not to fall prey to these types of persons. If anyone finds any matter on this site which is objectionable, or if any anyone included in this site is a fake person, the same me be brought to our knowledge so that, the same may be removed from the site.

Advice to Practitioners

The practitioners are also requested to check properly the medical records and the condition of the patient so that, if the case is beyond your understanding and knowledge, you may not mishandle, pose a threat to the life of the patient, and bring bad name to yourself and the natural therapies.

Advice to Females

All the females are requested to get themselves checked and treated by experienced gynecologist if they have any problem because a small problem may lead to a serious one, if left unattended for a long time. There lies a lot of responsibility on females, if they are neglected the whole family is going to suffer. It has always been observed that all the females, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries have no time to attend to their own problems. Firstly, they are very much busy attending to their family and work; secondly, they feel shy to discuss their problems with other people, including the doctors. Due to this, they overlook their personal problems which continue to become chronic and even fatal, with the passage of time. In several cases the diseases are diagnosed at incurable stage.

Initially these minor problems can easily be prevented and treated. Most of the females suffer from white discharge for years causing lot of illnesses. When they discuss this problem with other females, they find them also suffering from the same problem and they think it to be a general and incurable disease. However this problem can easily be treated by just taking one or two doses of Homoeopathic medicine Nux Vomica 200. Most of the cases of irregular periods, menopausal problems and heavy menstrual bleeding can also be treated easily with homoeopathic and acupressure treatment without taking any type of hormonal pills.