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In Acupressure therapy there are many systems originated and practiced all over the world in different forms, some of them are Reflexology, Meridian therapy, Sujok, Shiatsu, and different message technique. In reflexology system of healing the moderate pressure is given on both the palms and soles. If an acupressure chart is available one can press the corresponding points mentioned in it and if the chart is not available, the whole of the palms and soles should be pressed with the fingers and thumbs or with the acupressure instruments like jimmy and ball etc. randomly, and if the pain is felt at any point, intermittent pressure should be given for 1 to2 minutes on each of those points 2 to 3 times at day.

The pain at any point denotes that there is some blockage in that particular area or the organ corresponding to it. Just by giving the pressure, we find that the pain at the reflex points starts diminishing which shows that the blockage has started reducing and we start feeling better instantly, and gradually we would see that we are relieved of the disease. At first, when we hear about this therapy, we would not believe, but once we try it ourselves, we shall be bound to believe and become an ardent follower of this therapy and include it in our daily life.

Irrespective of the disease we are suffering from, we can try this simple therapy and keep ourselves healthy without any expenditure and side effect. In reflexology therapy there is one more system in which we have to press the same spot on the opposite side of the body. Suppose you have pain, numbness or loss of mobility of the left thumb then try pressing the right thumb you will instantly feel the difference and many times the problem vanishes instantly. Likewise you can try in on other parts of the body also. In Sujok therapy also we find the pressure point on the palms and the soles but they differ from the reflexology system. However, this therapy also is very much effective and can be practiced by the patients at home themselves. One more form of reflexology is Auricular reflexology in which the reflex points are located on ears. The shape of our ears resembles the shape in which we live in our mother’s womb in the inverted position. In this position, where the different body parts are located exactly the same is the location of auricular reflex points. For example the point for our brain and head is on the ear lobes. These points have been found very effective on several occasions.


Besides Acupressure I have been practicing Homoeopathy since the last 15 years. Mostly the people have a wrong notion that the Homoeopathic treatment takes a very long time to give the cure and as such they take the medicines for very long period of time, specially in case of chronic diseases, but during my practice I have experienced that if we can understand the problem well, only a single or a couple of doses are enough to give relief to the patient. Normally, there is no need of repeating the medicine.

If one or a couple of doses does not give any relief then one should look for some other suitable remedy. If any problem relapses after some time of taking the medicine, or if there is no improvement at all, the patient should visit the physician for further diagnosis and treatment for the problem. In rare case, if the patient feels aggravation and uneasiness after taking the medicine he of she, should not repeat the medicine, instead, they can have a little coffee or may inhale the strong smell of any non toxic food items or camphor which would immediately nullify the effect of the medicine.

There are many Homoeopathic remedies with different potencies but some of them are mentioned here, which I have tried in several cases and found very useful. One single Homoeopathic medicine can be used for multiple problems, however I have mentioned only the symptoms for which I have used them widely and found giving complete cure to the patients. Only one type of Homoeopathic medicine should be taken at a time after matching the symptom, this would be more effective.